Achvmnts & Awards

● The center's PI Chair Prof. W. H. Tsai was granted 2016 Distinguished Accomplishment Award by Phi Tau Phi Society. (2016)

Front row, second the right, Prof. W. H. Tsai

● The center PI Chair Prof. W. H. Tsai was granted 2013 Honorary Award by the Institute of Information & Computing Machinery. (2013)

 Director of IICM R. S. Chang awarded certificate to Prof. W. H. Tsai.

● The center director Prof. R. H. Chuang's research team was granted a Distinguished Business Startup Award. (2013)

Director of MOST S. C. Chang awarded to Prof. R. H. Chuang and students.

● The center's Academic Technology Development Project was granted a National Industrial Innovation Award. (2013)
The center was granted by the MOEA a National Industrial Innovation Award.