This Center Launches An Industry-University Cooperative Research Project “3D Human And Object Modeling” with Liteon Co., Ltd.

CategoryIndustry-university cooperation

Due to the rapid developments of 3D technology and applications, this center signed a one-year industry-university cooperation contract with Liteon Co., Ltd. in November 2015 to collaboratively develop 3D human and object models for various industrial applications. The budget of the project is around two million NTD. Specifically, the resulting “human” modeling technique can be applied to 3D photo studios, medical prosthetics, human body modeling, and 3D human-model printing. The resulting “object” modeling technique can be applied to 3D object printing, 3D cartoon-character generation, manufacturing of children’s toys. The two kinds of technologies are the most popular and wanted 3D developments in industrial applications in the near future.

Many professors and research assistants in the center are involved in this project. It is expected that advanced techniques will be developed and transferred to the industry. Furthermore, it is hoped that those techniques can improve Taiwan’s international competitiveness in related product and system manufacturing.