This Center Launches An Industry-University Cooperative Research Project “Automatic Image Inspection And Recognition” with Far Eastern Fibertech Co., Ltd.

CategoryIndustry-university cooperation

To promote the policy of Industry 4.0, the Far Eastern Fibertech Co. (FEFC), Ltd. imports an automated system to promote the manufacturing efficiency of its production line. The main product of the FEFC is the fiber of nylon. To provide high-quality fiber products, a defect-extracting procedure is very important. Up to the present, they still use human eyes to judge the defect. In the future, this center will cooperate with them to develop an automated image inspection and recognition system. The automated system can extract specific defects on the fiber using the image recognition system and can reject abnormal products. Thus, the system can replace human eyes’ inspection to promote manufacturing efficiency. Furthermore, the FEFC will combine automatic robot arms with this automatic system to improve accuracy and consistency of defect detection results. As a result, human-factor engineering and human burden reduction can be achieved, which help to accomplish the aim of industrial 4.0 management in the company.