This Center Launches An Industry-University Cooperative Research Project “Development of Currency Identification Technology” with Liteon Co., Ltd.

CategoryIndustry-university cooperation

Based on the advance of image processing techniques, the automatic optical inspection technology (AOI) is adopted in the industry to replace visual inspection works gradually. In this aspect, many banking sectors need fast and accurate OCR technologies to identify the serial numbers of circulating currencies. About the recognition of currency serial numbers, the recognition accuracy will be affected by the version, denomination, font and other factors of the currency bills . Moreover, the locations of the serial numbers on different currency bills are not the same. Therefore, on the scanned currency image, it requires accurate segmentation and OCR of the serial numbers of the currency in order to achieve a high recognition result.

The scanner is one of the highlighted products of the Liteon Co., Ltd. Although the money counter equipment can count currencies quickly, a scanner-embedded money counter could be more competitive. The many formerly developed OCR techniques of this center will greatly help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the manufactured scanners of Liteon.