This Center Makes Great Effort to Promote An Academic-Industrial Alliance of Computer Vision-based Visual Surveillance

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Intelligent environment surveillance has been a frontier technology given with high priority by the governments of USA and many countries in the world. It is embodied in homeland security acts and related laws in these countries. Different security levels are formulated and various infrastructures are constructed by executive and legislative bodies. This means that intelligent environment surveillance has attracted world-wide attentions from academic research institutes, industries and governments. Our research team of this center has been conducting a phase-one project (2012/02-2015/01), entitled “Promotion of Academic-Industrial Alliance of Computer Vision-based Visual Surveillance” sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), for almost three years and has achieved many accomplishments. With the experiences in both academia and industrial cooperation (including 5 large surveillance integrated systems) accumulated during the 8-year project entitled “Construction of Vision-based Intelligent Environment,” sponsored by the Academic Technology Development Program of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, our team plans to continue the phase-one project’s goal to promote further the developed techniques in the fields of computer vision and intelligence surveillance by organizing a phase-two “Academic-Industrial Alliance of Computer Vision-based Visual Surveillance,” aiming to further strengthen our contributions in product developments for related industries.

Toward the goals mentioned above, the alliance supported by this project will integrate the three task forces in the phase 1, including, technology promotion, certification study; as well as communication and education, into a platform of “Technology Promotion and Human Resource Development.” This platform will provide members of the alliance with professional services, including technology matchmaking, testing, and industry and academia cooperation. Furthermore, the alliance will ask help from the advisory committee of this project and the “Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society of Taiwan (IPPR).” It is noted that the PI of this alliance project currently serves as the president of the IPPR. To fulfill technical requests from industrial partners, customized consulting teams will be organized to provide advisory services. With a high confidence, this project will surely be effective advance the technology standard of the surveillance industry in Taiwan and enhance the values and global competitiveness of related products.