Construction of Intelligent Situation Systems by Advanced Computer Graphics, 3D Video, and Cloud Storage Technologies

This project, entitled “Construction of Intelligent Situation Systems by Advanced Computer Graphics, 3D Video, and Cloud Storage Technologies,” is proposed as an initial 4-year project of the Research Center of Advanced Computer Graphics and 3D Video Technologies at NCTU. The project will develop software/hardware systems for intelligent body-sensing control, scene recording and broadcasting, data storage, post-production, event search, stereo display, and character control in animation for situations like body-sensing games, TV/film studios, classrooms, seminar rooms, stadiums, art studios, living rooms with 3D TVs, etc. It is emphasized to construct intelligent systems with functions of automation, natural interfacing, and 3D display. Such systems may be used for free 3D viewing, flexible stage direction and filming, detailed recordings of classroom activities, convenient post-productions of videos and films, virtual and augmented reality, interactions with body-sensing in virtual environments, and fast image/video storage and search. To achieve these project goals, four subprojects are organized in this project to develop fundamental technologies for:
  1. range image based reconstruction and graphic applications;
  2. 3D free-viewpoint video construction and searching;
  3. intelligent virtual studios;
  4. intelligent stage direction, filming, and cloud storage for classroom activities.
The above research and development works are expected to facilitate establishment of key technologies for the industries of body-sensing interactions, 3D videos, virtual studios, video surveillance, and cloud storages; as well as for cultivation of graduate students of high calibers. Furthermore, in order to truly benefit the industry, three task forces are established, including “marketing and benchmarking,” “patent strategy and technology transfer,” and “system integration.” Finally, as this project is sponsored partially by several industrial partners (ASUSTeK Computer Inc., Datavideo Technologies Co., Ltd., and Promise Technology, Inc.) with a 4-year endorsement of 20 million NT dollars for use in cooperative technology development and personnel training, it is expected that such R&D cooperation will greatly promote the partners’ technology level and enhance their global competitiveness.

(a) 中心組織架構圖。


(b) 本計畫架構圖。