Intelligent indoor-space human surveillance system



Purposes The system is integrated by 11 computer vision techniques, and applied in intelligent indoor-space human surveillance and tracking. Accordingly we determined system structure and specification, then designed the interface, therefore achieve the purpose of system integration.
  • Top-down planning and integration of 11 techniques
  • Combination of Eco-City Life Technology and construct control center for long-time testing and improvement
  • CMMI software engineering standardized specification and testing document of system integration
Integrated Techniques
  • PDF文件 Video Person identification by iris recognition
  • PDF文件 Video Human shape recognition
  • PDF文件 Video Detection of intrusion into area spaces
  • PDF文件 Video Detection of missing valuable objects
  • PDF文件 Video Detection of abnormal behaviors
  • PDF文件 Video Long-range tracking and prediction of human moves
  • PDF文件 Video Event record and search in videos
  • PDF文件 Video Detection and wireless warning of suspicious persons
  • PDF文件 Video Monitoring of human moves and detection of blind spots and Detection of humans by infrared imaging