Long-range human tracking system



Purposes Using multiple cameras to perform long-range car tracking, and then combine the multiple views into a 3D view that can be rotated in arbitrary angle. Using a robot to guide the visitors to the destination, the monitoring staff can monitor the multiple views in an efficient way.
  • Using website interface to do license plate recognition, color recognition, car brand detection, long-range car tracking, and to provide a user friendly car finding platform.
  • Combine Google Map and Google Earth to show surveillance result in 3D view.
  • Combine indoor cameras to identify the visitors, and then using a robot to guide the visitors to the destination.
  • CMMI software engineering standardized specification and testing document of system integration
Integrated Techniques
  • Cascade License Plate Recognition System
  • Integrated and Interactive Multi-view Surveillance System
  • Around-campus multi-camera handoff for video surveillance
  • Intelligent license plate detection
  • Detection and tracking of crossing pedestrians
  • Tracking and close-up imaging of specified persons
  • Person tracking and search by way of tracing
  • Continuous human tracking
  • Fast Face Detection and Recognition
  • Guidance of visitors by a mobile robot
  • Multi-resolution display and transformation
  • Object selection by hand gesture