A force-sensing grip for manipulation of robot walking helper

Professorprofessor Kuu-young Young
ApplicationMedicine and health care
FunctionRobotic technique
Technology StatusCan be transferred

A force-sensing grip device is disclosed. The force-sensing grip device is arranged on a passive walking helper. The force-sensing grip device comprises at least one rod body, a plurality of covers and force-sensing elements. The rod body comprises at least four mounting surfaces. Each mounting surface is provided to at least four parallel covers for installing. A second lodging member of each cover is fixed with a first lodging member of the mounting surface, and the mounting surface does not attach the covers. Each force-sensing element is disposed between the first and second lodging members. When a hand of a user holds the force-sensing grip device and applies force on the covers, the force-sensing elements detects the force strength and the forces distribution to generate the corresponding force-sensing parameters. Next, the force-sensing elements can transmit the force-sensing parameters to a recognition module to recognize a human intention. Then, it is more effort-saving and smoother to operate the passive walking helper by the human intention.

(a)Robot Walking helper i-Go


(c)Inner view

(d)Palm location

Figure 1 Robot walking helper and force-sensing grip


Flexi Force A201-25-8


available for force sensor computing

patent: A force-sensing grip device