A Virtual Running System Using Street Scene of Google Map

Professorprofessor Cheng-Chieh Chiang
ApplicationEntertainment and Virtual reality and augmented reality
FunctionImage recognition and VR (Virtual reality)
Technical BenefitImprove system integration
Technology StatusCan be transferred

Sport is important in our life, but many reasons can prevent people from playing sports outdoor such as raining, time or space limit, air pollutions. This work presents a virtual running system that can display a real street scene of Google Map when the user is running indoor. The proposed system involves three main components: (i) a body-sensing function using Microsoft Kinect, (ii) a display function for showing the virtual street scenes of Google Map, and (iii) a GPS trajectory pool collecting many famous running paths in the world. The Kinect system can detect the user running, and then it triggers the Google Map API to show the real street scene of the running path the user selected. Using this system, people can be easy to play running indoor with virtual scenes of the world.

Figure 1. The Kinect detects the user running to move the street scene of the Google Map with the predefined GPS trajectories.

Figure 2. The street scene and the corresponding map of the system