Embedded System Implementation For Vehicle Around View Monitoring

Professorprofessor Dalton Lin
FunctionEmbedded system and Image adjustment
Technical BenefitCost-reduction, Expand monitoring scope, Total solution on embedded system, and Working on multi-camera at the same time
Technology StatusCan be transferred

Traffic safety has become a priority in recent years, and therefore, the field of intelligent transportation surveillance systems has become a major field of research. Among vehicle surveillance systems, the 360◦ around view monitor (AVM) system is regarded as the devel- opment direction recently. In this paper, an approach to constructing a 360◦ bird’s-eye-view around view monitor system is proposed; the approach involves rectifying four fisheye cam- eras and stitching together the four calibrated images obtained from the cameras into one surrounding view image on a low-cost and high portability Android embedded system. To improve the computation performance, the aforementioned procedures are combined into a single step construction mapping using table lookup mechanism and multithreading tech- nique. Through hardware implementation and experiments evaluation, the proposed AVM system performs satisfactorily with surrounding view video output frame rate 12 fps and the average matching error is as low as 2.89 pixel.

  1. the 360 degree surrounding view result.

Spec. request

platform : Android

tools: Java

hardware specification:  ARM Cortex-A9


  • Android 4.5
  • ARM Cortex-A9