Intelligent Video Automatic Tracking System in Big Data

Professorprofessor Dalton Lin
ApplicationSurveillance and security
FunctionObject/human tracking
Technical BenefitEasy operation/ reduce participation of operators, Improve system intelligence, and Working on multi-camera at the same time
Technology StatusCan be transferred

Nowadays, most of places have set up cameras for security problems. When the situation occurs, you can access the camera to review the occurrence and track the clues of the situation so that we can deal with the occurrence of the situation. But if there have nothing walk through the vedio for a long time, , this will waste a lot of time and delay the efficiency of solving the problem. So we develop this technology, using Video Condensing, we can display the target that we need in a short time on the screen. For example , in an one hour video, two target appeared at the time 10 minutes and 30 minutes in an hours video. After the conversion, they both appear on the same time and same screen. Therefor we won’t need to keep watching over the video all the time, wasting our valuable time. The purpose of this technology research and development is that we can use this mechanism to have a quick review of an image where we need the information.

1.Object tracking

Spec. request

platform: Window 7

tools: C/C++

hardware specification: Intel I5