Virtual Gate

Professorprofessor Dalton Lin
ApplicationSurveillance and security
FunctionImage detection
Technical BenefitEasy operation/ reduce participation of operators, Improve system integration, and Improve system intelligence
Technology StatusCan be transferred

Home security and public surveillance are essential and indispensable in everyday life.By the analysis of the monitoring, we can control and limit the entry and exit of a particular space.This study proposed the use of virtual gate technology intelligent of image monitoring system to achieve moving object detection. During the image monitoring, the virtual gate can replace human.In the practical application is base on the four-channel NVR sending continuous images, and fourchannel images can be calculated at the same time.The method of virtual gate is based on the estimation of momentum. We will detect the direction of the moving object and check whether they pass the virtual gate.So the virtual gate does not require background modeling and can be applied in extremely complex situations. In practical applications, changes of light need to be considered, such as infrared camera opportunities automatically switch to night mode, or at night, security personnel with a flashlight patrol.Therefore, according to the above problems, this paper presents a new methodcan still be normal to do moving object detection in the light changing conditions.

1. Alarming object pass throught in forward way2. Object pass through in reverse way

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Spec. request

platform:Window 7

tools: C/C++

hardware specification:  Intel I5