1 Demo included Video Object Detection Technology Robust to Fast and Slow Illumination Change
2 Demo included Event-driven Active Surveillance Video Retrieval System
3 Demo included Head Gesture Recognition Technology
4 Demo included Intelligent Robot with Emotion Sensing
5 Demo included Virtual Gate for Passing Through Objects Detection
6 Demo included Calibration of multiple cameras
7 Demo included Active motion detection and tracking
8 Demo included Pedestrian Detection and Tracking at a Distance
9 Demo included Real-time Human Eyes Tracking
10   Detection and concealment of transmission errors in JPEG images
11   Detection and concealment of transmission errors in MPEG-2 (H.261)
12   Error-resilient coding scheme for JPEG images
13   Error-resilient coding schemes for MPEG-2 (H.264) videos
14   Distributed video coding for video surveillance
15   Error concealment techniques for distributed video coding
16 Demo included Catadioptric Camera Calibration
17 Demo included Three-Dimensional Surface Model Reconstruction of Indoor
18 Demo included 3-D Localization of a camera on a mobile platform relative to a Catadioptric Camera
19 Demo included Bird’s eye view vision system for vehicle surrounding monitoring
20 Demo included Integrated and Interactive Multi-view Surveillance System
21   Human Activity Recognition System
22   Intruder Detection in Similar Foreground Background Coloring
23 Demo included Iris Recognition System
24 Demo included A Focusing Guidance System for Iris Pattern Imaging
25 Demo included Cascade License Plate Recognition System
26   Background Modeling for Surveillance Environments
27   Particle Filter-based Multi-part Human Tracking in Video Sequences
28 Demo included Spatial-temporal Search-space Reduction and Method Thereof
29 Demo included Technique for detection, tracking, and recording of invader
30 Demo included Occlusion recognition system for human face


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