Intelligent intruder detection and tracking system PDF文件

Purposes To integrate heterogeneous indoor and outdoor cameras in one surveillance network. The network can automatically detect and track abnormal events of human, vehicles, and unattended objects, hence to achieve the purpose of seamless and cooperative surveillance.
  • Using outdoor cameras for car plate recognition and vehicle identification in real-time, and communicate the results with indoor cameras.
  • Using PTZ cameras to track moving objects, and cooperative surveillance by smooth video transition
  • Producing smooth video transition among cameras in real-time
  • Using panoramic camera to detect unattended objects, and transmit its coordinates to the automobile
  • Integrating navigator, robotic arm, and automobile techniques, and to pick unattended objects to a designated location
  • Extend surveillance from indoor to outdoor.
  • Integration of 5 techniques
Integrated Techniques
  • PDF文件 Video License Plate Recognition
  • PDF文件 Video Intelligent PTZ camera
  • PDF文件 Video Smooth video transition
  • PDF文件 Video Panoramic photography
  • PDF文件 Video Autonomous vehicle
  • Human identification
  • Human tracking
  • Smooth people tracking
  • Unattended objects detection
  • Unattended objects picking

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