Intelligent urban-area surveillance system 下載介紹影片

Purposes Based on community safety management to construct “Intelligent community event surveillance system” to perform long-distance and multi-event surveillance. The system is integrated multiple techniques and message management and represent in way of websites. When event occurs, the system automatically displays warning massage to remind the monitoring staff in the control center
  • Extent the range from in-door/building to out-door/community.
  • Contain cloud computing system and embedded system.
  • Combine electronic map, event, video summarization to the center control system.
Integrated Techniques
  • Detection of wall climbing and prohibited-area intrusion
  • Human tracking by PTZ-camera using an embedded system
  • Central video and message management
  • Wide-area monitoring system using videos of multiple resolutions
  • Detection of illegal parking by an embedded system
  • Detection of human features in dynamic scenes
  • Detection of outdoor parking spaces
  • Highly-efficient browsing of events in videos

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