Intelligent urban-area surveillance system 下載介紹影片

Purposes Using Hsinchu Science Park as a real application environment, the cloud computing and storage techniques are applied to develop an integrated and Intelligent urban-area surveillance system.
  • Import cloud techniques into the system: apply cloud computing and storage techniques to construct the system called “Intelligent urban-area surveillance system”.
  • urban-area surveillance range: extent the rage from campus to Hsinchu Science Park.
  • Architecture of integrated system: to construct optical fibre network between Hsinchu Science Park bureau and NCTU Cloud Computing Center. Transmit the video from the bureau to the Center, and integrate the intelligent surveillance techniques, including human event detection, vehicle tracking, monitoring vehicle, and cloud-style central controlling.
  • Integrate electronic map and event into the central control system.
Integrated Techniques
  • Vehicle Detection and Surveillance
  • Automatic estimation of degree of traffic congestion
  • Stolen car detection and car brand identification
  • Long-term vehicle tracking system
  • Camera Anomaly Detection against Interference
  • Electronic fence
  • Human tracking by two cameras
  • Automatic zooming-in surveillance of object in environment
  • Wide-area monitoring system using multiple crossing-cameras
  • Wireless-based real-time mobile surveillance
  • Cloud-style central control center

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